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Norwegian fjords
12th to 18th September 2005

Having had quite a busy year, especially with having moved house during the summer, we needed a holiday and we needed to be pampered. So we did something we wouldn't have imagined ourselves doing for another decade or two, and booked ourselves on to a cruise - just a few days, and just to Norway, but we thought it wise to start modest... But all our preconceptions of what it might be like, and what the people who would be on board with us would be like, were happily blown out of the water, because we had a great time and are sure we will do something similar again long before we've gone grey.

We suspect there are still many cruises that wouldn't appeal to us because of the way they are operated and their level of formality, but Thomson got it just right on the Celebration. It was lovely to be waited upon hand and foot for those few days, with nothing too much trouble for the cabin or restaurant staff, yet never did it feel like we had stepped through a time-warp, that we weren't dressed up enough for the occasion or whatever. Our fellow travellers really did span the whole range of ages and backgrounds, and we certainly didn't feel out of place for a moment.

Our cabin was deep in the bowels of the ship, but an "outside" one, with a porthole just above sea level - for most of the voyage at least... It was a twin room, but perfectly comfortable, and the only problem we really had was in remembering which side of the ship it was on! All our meals were included, with only drinks and any excursions extra, and we certainly fulfilled our requirements of being pampered. There was a choice of restaurants, but when it's all included, it seemed silly not to dine as finely as possible whenever we could, and we only used the buffet service for breakfasts and the odd afternoon tea or whatever.

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