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About David

goznet is the home on the web of David Gosnell, an omnivorous Christian musician astronomer software developer, or at least something like that. He lives with his wife Katy in Farnham, Surrey in the south of England.

A bit of a geek at heart - much as he would undoubtedly deny it - David is a graduate in Computer Engineering, gaining first class honours in 1995 at Buckinghamshire New University – at that time Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education, a subsidiary of Brunel University. Part of his studies took place in France, however, at ISAIP, a private technical college near Angers in the Loire Valley.

David works by day as a software developer, specialising in interactive website development - you can read lots more about that side of things on his web design page and commercial website. By night, he has been known to pursue all kinds of hobbies, including astronomy and both making and listening to music, though with his bachelor days well behind him, such activities aren't now quite so vigorously pursued.

David became a Christian in late 1993, first joining the congregation at Holy Trinity in his home village of Prestwood, then that of St John's in Hartley Wintney when he moved to Hampshire after graduation. While living in Milton Keynes he was a member of the Milton Keynes Covenant Fellowship and more latterly the Milton Keynes Vineyard. Since living in Farnham he's been part of the sadly defunct Pioneer People Farnham and now the Farnham Vineyard, where he and Katy facilitate a lively midweek home-group. You can read more about David's faith by following the Christianity link to the left.

After the major relationship disappointments of 2002, early 2003 saw David getting back on his feet in terms of finding that lasting happiness in life, with the distinct help of the aforementioned lovely Katy, who he went on to marry in the summer of 2004. Read about all that and more in his ever-popular on-line diary!

While working in Hampshire after graduating, David developed some highly-acclaimed commercial sound synthesis software called WaveCraft, which is now available completely for free via this web site!

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