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WaveCraft for free!

The original and best modular analogue synthesiser emulator for Windows is now free! Read on to take full advantage of this incredible offer to the Internet community!

For those who have perhaps only just returned from extended service on board the international space station, or recently been abducted by aliens, WaveCraft was originally launched at the beginning of 1996 to rave reviews in music technology magazines around the world. Even now, in the face of tough competition, it still offers an intuitive interface and sound quality to give today's software synthesisers a good run for their money.

WaveCraft screen shot

With its 17 high quality module types, including synchronisable oscillators, true resonant low and high pass filters - accept no poor imitations - and an analogue-style sequencer, there's not much you can't do using WaveCraft, and its drag-and-drop graphical interface makes sound editing a breeze. By generating its sounds in the industry standard WAV file format, it is not at all limited by computer power, with professional quality polyphonic results from any 80386 or better PC with a good wavetable sound card or compatible sampler.

Visitors wanting to hear some WaveCraft sound and music excerpts - published in the popular RealAudio format - should take a look at the WaveCraft sounds page, and be prepared to get blown away. Please also read our Questions & Answers page, which answers the more common queries from users and prospective users of the WaveCraft system, and explains a little more of the background to the software and the technology behind it.

WaveCraft system requirements

System requirements are modest; you don't need the computing power of NASA to obtain 30 or more voices of high quality polyphonic simulated analogue sound. We do not endorse any particular sound card device, but excellent results have been reported with most hardware wavetable sound cards as well as software-based solutions such as VSTi samplers.

  • 386SX processor (486DX2/Pentium recommended)
  • 4Mb main memory (Windows 95+ may require more)
  • Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP *
  • Mouse
  • 16-bit 44.1kHz sound card (wave-table card with download memory recommended)
* WaveCraft was developed for Windows 3.1 and 95; some issues may occur with later versions of Windows

Download WaveCraft today!

So what on earth are you waiting for? WaveCraft is now available for free download, almost no strings attached. Yes, we admit it, there's one little catch, but we don't think it should stop you!

The complete version of WaveCraft takes up about 20Mb, with its extensive library of pre-generated sound samples. To keep this downloadable version nice and small, we've taken out the sound samples, but you can easily regenerate most of them yourself using the supplied patch settings.

Are you ready to give it a go? Read the no-nonsense licence agreement, and venture forth into the wonderful (and now free) world of WaveCraft, arguably unsurpassed as the ultimate in Windows-based sound synthesis!

Download Download WaveCraft WaveCraft

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