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My faith is a simple one, so this introduction will be accordingly brief. As a Christian, not only do I believe in God as the absolute creator of the universe, but that in Jesus he personally came to Earth some two thousand years ago - and will come again when the time is right. I believe that although completely free from sin - as only God could possibly be - Jesus was crucified as punishment for all Man's accumulated transgressions since the Fall, allowing us to be released from the oppression and ultimate condemnation to hell that would rightfully carry.

I fully believe this on a personal level, having witnessed for myself God's grace in releasing me from the shackles of experiences in the past that I would often rather forget completely - though if I did, I would probably also forget how good God had been to me, so it is important that at least to me my sins are "forgiven but not forgotten". I simply cannot fail to be awe-struck by the impact he's had on the lives of both myself and many of my friends, a good number of whom would not even be alive if it were not for his amazing mercy, genuine care for our continuing wellbeing and a heartfelt desire to see us fulfil our many and varied purposes in life.

For about four years after I moved to Milton Keynes in 1996, I was an active member of the Milton Keynes Covenant Fellowship - or MKCF for short, now known as King's Church - an evangelical charismatic church, meeting at various local venues around the city. I was then a member of the Milton Keynes Vineyard for a couple of years, and since marrying Katy and moving to Farnham I've been part of Pioneer People Farnham and now the Farnham Vineyard.

I still value the time I spent with MKCF immensely, and you can read about some of the happenings in my Christian walk with them via the following links:

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