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Welcome to perhaps the most well-known pages on this website, where you can see what I've been up to over the last few years. Historically the diary was hosted on the Monochrome bulletin board system, but has slowly migrated to be 100% web-based.

Remember this is a diary, and as such it is quite a personal insight into my life at the time of writing. Some things I may no longer entirely - or at all! - agree with, but generally speaking I don't change entries just because I have a change of heart. Unless specifically stated or otherwise obvious, all names are real names, but for hopefully understandable reasons I deliberately do not generally include surnames. At the end of the day, read at your own risk...

  • 1981-82

    A special treat to kick things off. I recently rediscovered a diary from my last year at middle school, and have transcribed it all, warts and all, here. It's embarrassing, sometimes even humiliating - and occasionally even funny, just not intentionally. Decide for yourself whether I've really changed in a quarter of a century.

  • 1996

    Early in the new year, I finally finished off learning to drive, but promptly got my car stolen while stopped off at my parents on the way to a job interview at the Open University. Nevertheless, I got the job, and moved to live in Milton Keynes in September 1996.

  • 1997

    Work was a mixed bag, if relatively stable, but 1997 was the year that saw me in and out of love, my increased involvement with the Milton Keynes Covenant Fellowship, taking on a flat by myself, and my crowning glory, a successful hiking expedition in the Slovenian mountains.

  • 1998

    This was the year that saw me move into a shared Christian house in Milton Keynes, and start getting into worship and youth work within the Fellowship. Most importantly of all, this was the year I met the wonderful Zoë, with things progressing very promisingly as 1999 beckoned.

  • 1999

    This was a year of decidedly mixed fortunes, but I think I largely came out of it for the better, definitely a changed person. My relationship with Zoë went from strength to strength throughout the year, with us celebrating the anniversary of our first going out early in December.

  • 2000

    All good things have to come to an end, it would seem; for my relationship with Zoë that happened at about Easter 2000. The other main event of the year was my holiday in Scotland, when I met my great-aunt Grace for what turned out to be both the first and last times, since she passed away two months later.

  • 2001

    A year of upheavals in several areas of my life - not least a parting of directions between me and MKCF, my church for the previous five years, and finding my feet at MK Vineyard. The highlight of the year, though, was of course rediscovering true love in the form of the delightful Claire!

  • 2002

    This was the year that started so well, promising everything, but ending up delivering next to nothing that seemed positive at the time. However, hindsight has helped me to realise that although it was little fun, it was most definitely for the best for everyone concerned.

  • 2003

    2003 was a year of restoration, putting wrongs right and finally moving ahead - even if that took a good deal of courage. The year ended with me engaged once again - and knowing that this time it was for real, with the future lying ahead much more than some superficial fairytale.

  • 2004

    What can I really say? I moved both house and indeed town, I found a new job, and above all I got married! That may not sound a great deal to show for 2004, but believe me they were all very big steps, and all contributed towards it being a very special year indeed!

  • 2005

    The only year that Katy and I could say "we got married last year", but this was also the year that saw us buy a new house together, and we also enjoyed our first full length holiday together in the autumn. Work life wasn't so great for various reasons, but I can't have everything, now can I?

  • 2006

    Not the best of years on balance, but one of some quite momentous decisions, not the least of which was deciding to be my own boss and start my own business. As a result, the year came to a close with lots to think about, but equally lots of expectation of what lies ahead!

  • 2007

    A bit of a year of muddling along, and quite an emotional roller-coaster at times. The business was not quite the resounding success that had been hoped for, but like other aspects of life that didn't quite deliver, I didn't give up, and remained hopeful of better times ahead.

  • 2008

    A bit of a repeat run of 2007 in many ways, muddling through but with heads overall held high. The business was good but not lucrative - kept me out of mischief and helped pay the bills, anyway!

  • 2009

    Let's see what happens next, then!

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